Regarding Christopher Dorner

I’ll be brief here as time and sleep are in short supply amid the hunt for Christopher Dorner. I address this post to those diseased souls who find Dorner to be engaged in some sort of noble campaign against a corrupt police department.

In his online screed in which he sought to justify his murderous quest for revenge, he wrote that his quarrel was only with the LAPD, and that officers from other departments had nothing to fear from him. “For all other agencies,” he wrote, “do not involve yourself in this capture or recovery of me. Look at the big picture of the situation. They (LAPD) created the situation. I will harm no outside agency unless it is a deadly force/IDOL [immediate defense of life] situation.”

It should come as little surprise that he is not a man of his word. The two Riverside Police Department officers he allegedly shot Thursday morning were not attempting to stop him and were unaware of his presence until the moment he opened fire on them. One of them was killed, the other seriously wounded. The dead officer leaves a wife and two young children.

Dorner is not on a crusade for justice. He kills for the same reason most murderers do: because he likes it. Put that on your Facebook page.