Reagan and AIDS: Debunking “A Powerful Myth Among Gay Americans”

Over at NRO, Deroy Murdock debunks–or, rather, demolishes–a gay myth:

[A]…powerful myth endures among many gay Americans and also on the broader left. Their story: Ronald Reagan passionately hated homosexuals….

As the [nearby] chart…confirms, federal anti-AIDS spending grew dramatically throughout Reagan’s term. The $8 million that Reagan approved in 1982 rocketed to $2.3 billion in 1989. The average annual increase in federal expenditures on HIV/AIDS under Reagan was 128.92 percent….

Libertarians, conservatives, and liberals can debate the wisdom and scope of federal spending in every area, including AIDS. But only someone with cinder blocks over his eyes could examine these taxpayer dollars and claim that Ronald Reagan did anything other than actively deploy federal resources to combat AIDS….