Programming Note: Ricochet Podcast Returns Tomorrow

Attention Ricochet Podcast fans: Because of last weekend’s NRI Summit, a taping of Uncommon Knowledge, and the pre-production of Sullivan and Sons, this week’s Ricochet Podcast will be recorded a day later this week. But don’t fret, we’ve got two great guests (Walter Russell Mead and Amity Shlaes) and lots to talk about. In the meantime, enjoy a double dose of Mark Steyn with the return of Steyn/Goldberg/Long and Need To Know with Charen and Nordlinger

See you tomorrow at 7AM PT(!)/10am ET. And yes, we’ll be live. 

  1. DN Gic

    Can’t wait. Thoughtful commentators both.

  2. Duane Oyen

    The name “SGL” doesn’t have near the cachet of “glop”.

  3. Owl of Minerva

    I can’t wait for Mead. I’ve followed his Blue Model Liberalism posts at AI religiously.

  4. Edward Smith

    Tell Rob to stop burning the candle at both ends.

  5. Yeah...ok.

    Perhaps Amity Shlaes could talk further on Jefferson…

    This last week of podcasts has been gangbusters. At least as good as what I have heard from the cruise. The UK episodes were very good but Peter seems better on land.

    Thanks for the great stuff.

  6. Cunctator

    I miss GLoP… :-/

  7. GLoP returns next Friday. 

    Erik Larsen: I miss GLoP… :-/ · 21 hours ago

  8. Cunctator

    Yessss!  Thanks Blue Yeti! 

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