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For those who don’t have pictures yet, but want some, I thought it might be nice to gather some resources of free-to-use images– like Mama Toad, I’m uncomfortable using a picture when I don’t have permission.

 Now, you could head over to DeviantArt and commission something (may take a while, and if you don’t already have a favorit…

  1. Mel Foil

    There’s always this option:


  2. genferei

    Wikipedia has a long list.

  3. drlorentz

    I used a photo of myself, but modified to look like a pencil sketch. It has the advantage of protecting my privacy with an icon that has some connection to me and that I have the legal right to use. A random photo with a twist, if you will.

    You don’t need to have Photoshop to do this; there are freeware apps available.

  4. Aaron Miller

    I almost decided to go with the Eye of God nebula, only because it looks cool and scales well.


  5. Foxfier
    genferei: Wikipedia has a long list. · 31 minutes ago

    I don’t touch Wikipedia if I have any option at all– and I’d still have to verify they really were legal to use anyway!

  6. skipsul

    I opted, like Mel above, to go to the South Park Character Generator.  

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