Preparing for Armageddon

Sorry for having been off radar for a while. I’ve been dithering over my preparations for Armageddon.

My big problem is this as I’m sure it is yours: we all know that worse times they are a-coming but we just don’t quite what form they’ll take, or when they’ll hit.

For example, suppose, like good students of Ron Paul’s End The Fed and Detlev Schlichter’s Paper Money Collapse, we want to prepare for the inevitable monetary collapse and Weimar-style hyperinflation then clearly the thing to do is take out the biggest mortgage we can and let our million dollar borrowings shrivel to zilch. In Weimar Germany – according to Adam Fergusson’s When Money Dies – some canny folk acquired vast estates in this way.

But if we’re more in line for 20 years of Japanese-style deflation, then clearly we should sell our houses as soon as possible and spend the rest of our lives renting ever more cheaply.

It’s at times like these I wish I didn’t have kids. I could take a reckless punt, knowing that only I (and my poor, long-suffering wife) would pay the price of my foolishness if it all went wrong. Thing is though that the house I have an enormous, unaffordable mortgage on – go, Weimar! go! – also happens to be my family home.

I don’t expect any of you to provide any definitive answers. But do try….