Prelude To A Lie

“Let me be exactly clear,” he said, at which point prudent Americans everywhere reached furtively for their wallets, because clarity to Barack Obama becomes a dismal and dangerous fog of dissimulation for everyone else. The prelude out of the way, the conductor continued:

First of all, if you’ve got health insurance, you like your doctors, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.

In a purely sophistical sense, that last sentence may be correct. They didn’t talk about it. They just did it. But the rest of that statement is as blatant a lie as we’ve heard from any president since Bill Clinton denied using a subordinate as a humidor. And whereas Clinton was exposed, so to speak, as having dallied with one vulnerable young lady, we now face a situation in which the whole country is getting the shaft. Please though, don’t take my word for it:

Florida Blue has cancelled the health insurance policies of 300,000 Floridians which, according to Kaiser Health News Reports, wipes out about 80 percent of Florida Blue’s individual insurance business. The culprit? The existing policies don’t meet the Orwellian-named Affordable Care Act’s “guidelines.”

For it’s part Kaiser Permanente, in California, has sent cancellation notices to 160,000 of its customers, which constitutes about half of its individual insurance business in that state. Blue Shield of California has had to cancel 119,000 of its policies as well, sacking 60 percent of its individual business.

Thus far, hundreds of thousands of people across the country are seeing their policies cancelled which, according to Forbes, is more people than have filed an exchange account for Obamacare on his shiny new website. So much for being able to keep your plan.

Which reminds me. Remember this gem from the President in 2012? 

You should know that once we have fully implemented, you’re going to be able to buy insurance through a pool so that you can get the same good rates as a group that if you’re an employee at a big company you can get right now — which means your premiums will go down.

Health-Care-Shock3.jpgSteve Sauls begs to differ. Actually, he isn’t begging. He’s posting a screen shot of the actual plan on Twitter, adding, “You call this a great health care plan?”

Salon editor Joan Walsh, took to Twitter to say of Obamacare, that if she didn’t already have health insurance, she would, “…be rushing to sign up for it,” notwithstanding the fact that no one can rush anywhere on Another Twitter user replied, “I have insurance too. It is being discontinued in favor of making me buy a worse Obamacare policy costing twice as much.”

And if that isn’t change we can believe in, how’s this? J. McNamara, posted a photo of his hopey changey notice Health-Care-Shock2.jpginforming him that his monthly premiums had gone from $58 per month up to $2,031.78 per month, because fundamental transformation can’t happen on the cheap, the President’s promises notwithstanding.

Perhaps Kay summed it up best when she wrote, “I’d rather poke out my eyeballs than go to site again.”

I’m with you, Kay, though I fear poking one’s eyeballs might be the easier of the options available to us under the solicitous attentions of our benevolent would-be masters in Washington DC. They have failed to take into account that many of us would no sooner be serfs than did our ancestors, or, to quote Bill Buckley:

The Right does not blame everything on the Left, believing as we do that all human beings are to a dangerous degree mess-inclined, and that any plans for us made by human beings with super-duper ideas had better take this fact into consideration, as also this other fact, that their idea of what is super-duper may not appeal to me at all, and that I count, ex officio, as a human being.

For as surely as modern liberalism represents a systematic effort to depose the individual from his freedom, it cannot depose the realities of economics or of human nature. A lie cannot live indefinitely, for in the end Obamacare will take its place in the graveyard of grand delusions, a victim of its own arrogance and official incompetence. That it should do so sooner rather than later, and spare as many people as possible the misery of exorbitant costs, inadequate administration and wretched “care,” is the cause to which we renew our determination.