Please Join Me in Congratulating John Yoo

As John himself noted below, yesterday the Ninth Circuit ruled–finally–in his favor. From an editorial in the Wall Street Journal:

How baseless was the persecution of John Yoo by the white-shoe legal elite, which peddled the claims of a terrorist in order to harass the Bush Administration lawyer for his national-security views? So baseless that even the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has thrown the case out.

I’d add, if I may, a personal note. 

I’ve known John since he returned to California from Washington almost ten years ago, and I’ve found myself marveling at him again and again. Not since the treatment Ed Meese received during the nineteen-eighties has a public official been so relentlessly, viciously and unfairly vilified–if anything, John has been subjected to more vicious treatment than was the former attorney general, and the vilification John has endured has lasted much, much longer. In all the years I’ve known him, John has never–never–betrayed any resentment or bitterness whatsoever. None. To the contrary. John has always proven a man of inexhaustible good cheer, optimistic, full of good humor, and, despite all he has had to endure, happy.

Congratulations to John, a brilliant lawyer, a superb teacher, an accomplished author–and a cheerful patriot.