Piers Morgan and His Uncomfortable Dilemma

I find Piers Morgan to be daft and extraordinarily lightweight in his thinking, even for a celebrity. My kids have watched him eviscerated now by that fellow from the NRA, that young chap who got the best of him and now former professional wrestler and Minnesota state governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura, who also used to be a Navy Seal — from what I’ve heard.

Leaving aside the judges score on the point cards — I don’t plan on watching the events — I think its time for the next guest who appea…

  1. DutchTex

    And if British subjects try to defend themselves against the all to frequent burglaries, the homeowners are the ones that are punished.

  2. Valiuth

    Isn’t Harry Brown just the English remake of “Death Wish”? Will they do Dirty Harry too?

  3. DutchTex

    With MUCH better accents.

    Valiuth: Isn’t Harry Brown just the English remake of “Death Wish”? Will they do Dirty Harry too? · 0 minutes ago

  4. tabula rasa

    Piers is a true lightweight.  He’s imbibed all of the talking points of the Left, and simply repeats them like an automaton.

    When he said, “How dare you accuse me of dancing on the graves of children” (twice) when he debated Ben Shapiro, I swear he was reading it from a teleprompter.  He can’t even get mad in a convincing manner.

    I once expressed a hope that he’d return to the UK.  I’ve repented of that idea.  Please let him, Lawrence O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, Chris Mathews, and Ed Schultz continue to be the voices of the Left.

    Each is a slender reed (compared, for example, to a Charles Krauthammer) who will never do more than convince the already-convinced. 

  5. Indaba

    What is so shocking about the Harry Brown movie is how fast Britain fell to that ferile state. The reduction in school discipline and anti authority and anti religious policies got Britain sliding down tot eh same violence as the 3 rd world countries.

  6. BYUSC

    British accent DOES NOT EQUAL intelligence automatically. Sorry, Piers. 

  7. Indaba

    You give very good suggestions about how to debate Piers. I particularly like the Jeremy Clarkson program idea. I would pay to watch that. I enjoy his books.

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