Perpetual Money

From the file marked, “Studies that Never Had to be Studied,” comes this summary of a research paper from EconoPhysics forum:

We argue that the present crisis and stalling economy continuing since 2007 are rooted in the delusionary belief in policies based on a “perpetual money machine” type of thinking. We document strong evidence that, since the early 1980s, consumption has been increasingly funded by smaller savings, booming financial profits, wealth extracted from house price appreciation and explosive debt. This is in stark contrast with the productivity-fueled growth that was seen in the 1950s and 1960s.

I wonder how much this study cost. It gets better:

Rather than still hoping that real wealth will come out of money creation, we need fundamentally new ways of thinking. In uncertain times, it is essential, more than ever, to think in scenarios: what can happen in the future, and, what would be the effect on your wealth and capital? How can you protect against adverse scenarios? We thus end by examining the question “what can we do?” from the macro level, discussing the fundamental issue of incentives and of constructing and predicting scenarios as well as developing investment insights.

Yes, rather.

Isn’t it nice to read common sense all dressed up in formal academic clothing?