Pat Archbold: The Bishops Were Wrong On The Ryan Budget

The Bishops Were Wrong On The Ryan Budgetby Pat ArchboldNational Catholic Register

In the wake of the selection of Paul Ryan as the VP nominee, you will be hearing a lot about how Ryan is a bad Catholic because the Bishops criticized the Ryan budget plan.

Let me cut to the chase, the USCCB was wrong (At least part of it).


…those draconian cuts they fear are…

  1. Cornelius Julius Sebastian

    Hope springs eternal that the USCCB may yet free itself of it’s Liberation Theology hangover.  Lord, hear our prayer.

  2. BrentB67

    One of the most honest assessments I’ve seen of Cong. Ryan’s budget. Thank you for sharing.

  3. donald todd

    These bishops, who are mine, are the same bishops who promoted Obamacare, until it turned around and stung them.  Frankly they are clueless, as befits a crew who are an adjunct to the Democrat Party and serve liberalism before serving the Lord.  Too bad.  I do pray for them every day.  I don’t know if it is doing any good praying for them, but then I am obligated to praying for them, so I do.

    I also have prayed for our president every day since sometime during Reagan’s tour of duty.  Sometimes it has been an answered prayer, other times not notably.

    I generally don’t pray for specific things, hoping that the will of God is met whether it is the bishops or the president.  

    Perhaps a recognizable providence will be met by the bishops and/or the president.  Please God.

  4. Foxfier

    *laughs* Yep, I shared this link in the comments of… heavens, I don’t remember.  Thank you for making a full post of it!

    Glad there’s another possible CMR reader here!

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