Outrage Is Suddenly Bad

During the last three months, the mainstream media and their friends in the Democratic Party have focused obsessively on a so-called “War on Women.”

When the Susan G. Komen Foundation decided to stop funding abortion provider Planned Parenthood, partly because Planned Parenthood doesn’t perform any mammograms and partly because it was hurting the Foundation’s ability to raise money from people who don’t love abortion, it erupted into a firestorm. Planned Parenthood fans such as NBC anchor Andr…

  1. Foxman

    Sort of like dissent, which stopped being patriotic in January 2009.

  2. John Murdoch

    One’s cynicism about the outrage at “faux outrage” is only heightened by the knowledge that Hilary Rosen is a PR executive.

    Among whose clients is Sandra Fluke. 

    Nonsense–this was a Kinsleyan gaffe, and the speed with which the Obama campaign backpedaled clearly indicates how seriously they view it. 

    Their overweening contempt for traditional (“real”) motherhood, and traditional (“real”) families, was shown for all to see. And they cannot–cannot–let that meme exist in the public consciousness. 

  3. Instugator

    Hillary Rosen is a pundit and operates a media consulting company. Her company provides the media support to Ms Fluke.

    It is not unreasonable to assume that she had some part in the strategy to create the media narrative of the “war on women” a war that she rightly labels “faux”.

    What you witnessed was a person lobbing a hand grenade and having it ‘cook-off’ in their hand instead. Then we get to see the lovely fratricide as Dems work hard to get away from the shrapnel.

    Ms Rosen is now having to work hard to rehabilitate her image and I am under no compunction to help her do so. Live by the faux narrative, die by the faux narrative.

    Oh, and Greta V. is being remarkably disengenuous when she rises to defend her friend. 

  4. Bryan G. Stephens

    The left has let slip that the despise my wife, who is a wonderful stay at home mom. It will get buried and forgotten.

    The problem is, the mushy middle 11% keep deciding who is president. What a way to run a country.

  5. Songwriter

    Ms. Rosen’s behavior in this latest dust up should come as no surprise to anyone.  She was simply playing by the Rules.

    The Rules are:

    1a) Conservatives will be judged and penalized by the whims and childish fantasies of the Progressive Left.

    1b) Conservatives are always wrong.

    2a) There are no Rules for the Progressive Left.

    3) In all disagreements between Conservatives and the Progressive Left, the MSM shall act as referees.

    4) The MSM plays for the Progressive Left.

  6. BlueAnt

    So… can we call this the War on Outrage?

  7. KC Mulville
    Bryan G. Stephens: The problem is, the mushy middle 11% keep deciding who is president. What a way to run a country.

    Excellent point. The reason we keep going through these fake, faux, fraudulent, and phony episodes of manufactured outrage is that enough people fall for it.

    Intelligence and common sense matters.

  8. EJHill

    I am outraged at those that are outraged at my outrage over their own outrageous behavior. It is… well… outrageous. (Now, where do I pick up my check?)

  9. Peter Meza

    Nothing of the Left is actually what it appears to be.  What appear to be principled stances (see Foxman, #1) last only as long as the effectiveness as a political cudgel holds out.  The opposite “principled stance” can be adopted if a nanosecond if required for political reasons.   

  10. CoolHand

    As Verbal Kint famously said, Ms Rosen will have to excuse me if I ask her to kiss my pucker.

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