Our Unilateralist Cowboy President


Walter Russell Mead notes that Barack Obama has taken a page out of George W. Bush’s playbook by refusing to go along with a plan to “occupy the Internet” through regulation that might have served to censor political commentary and/or regulate the activities of companies like Google and Facebook. Notes Mead:

This shows that on the issues he cares about President Obama is as much of a cowboy as Ronald Reagan. Indeed, cowboy American unilateralism isn’t confined to the Right. Remember that Ted Kennedy voted against the Kyoto protocol.

And of course, it ought to go without saying that the president won’t be subject to the vilification that George W. Bush was subjected to for his unilateralism. As I have mentioned before, those on the port side of the political divide are more than happy to have imperial, unilateralist presidencies just so long as they are the ones in charge of the White House.

(Link to the Mead post via InstaPundit.)