Oops! Iranian Ambassador High-Fives a Female

The Iranian Ambassador to Berlin, Ali Reza Sheik Attar, has been caught on video high-fiving Claudia Roth, the leader of the German Green Party, at a conference in Munich. To be fair, Attar appears to be holding up his hand in a what ho, kemosabe!-esque greeting, while it’s Roth who takes the high-fiving initiative. Attar seems awfully pleased to see her, though, which is curious, since she’s a supporter of the Iranian opposition.

Now everybody’s backpedaling like crazy. The Iranians are issuing testy statements (Attar never, ever shook Roth’s or any other woman’s hand, ever!) and Roth is scrambling to explain why she gave such a cheerful greeting to a representative of a regime whose treatment of women she ardently deplores.

Well, them’s politics. It’s a fun story, anyway. Definitely cozier reading than this.