On Why We Will Win

I learned something early on in marriage; in an argument, the winner will always be the spouse who cares most. The most articulate spouse with the best argument will not necessarily win, so it is best to evaluate your position early, decide if you really care, then concede if you really aren’t that vested in your position. Example, for many reasons, I would like a dog. My wife opposes this, not because she doesn’t love animals, but because she feels there is little room in our busy li…

  1. Doug Kimball

    I used to enter the Elk lottery here in AZ every year, but not in the last couple of years.  The odds are just so long.  I wish I still lived up in NE where the whitetail populations have ballooned and black bear abound.  We have lots of critters here in AZ, but even more land and too many hunters.  The fish, as they say, have sore mouths from being caught and released, and anything on four legs stay well clear of those of us on two. 

    Maybe I’ll put in this year.  I am, after all, an optimist. 

  2. Indaba

    I think I am more dedicated to my marriage but will have to ask Mr. Indaba this question. Will get back to you on that. He loves his hunting and I used to not like his long trips, away at a cost, but he cooks what he kills very well. Last night, it is a long weekend here in Canada, we had a family dinner party and Mr Indaba served duck, deer and beef minced up together as gourmet burgers. Fantastic. But I wish you were right about the health care issue. Problem is that once the jobs for the civil servants grows, there is no stopping it. Even when the number if administrators to practitioners is shown, who will care? Who can speak about it? It must not be left to politicians. The truth tellers just get voted out.

  3. Barfly

    Wow. The more committed, more invested side wins? Then we should begin now to plan for defeat.

    Conservatives are self-directed optimists. We know, deep down, that we can do well even in the most trying circumstances. Reason might argue against that feeling, in fact reason tells me its false. That doesn’t change the fact that my innate self-confidence tells me I’ll be ok as long as I keep at it.

    Leftists are pessimists when it comes to their own capabilities; the progressive project is and has always been the forceful transfer of wealth, status, and power from those who produce to those who persuade. They know, inside and beneath their conscious minds, that they cannot excel as individuals on their own merit. They must take it. They are far more committed to their program than we are to stopping it.

    We have been losing continuously since the early 20th century. Sometimes the decline is faster, sometimes slower, but it’s a ratchet that never turns back. Unless we change tactics, and until we come to grips with the nature of the left, we will continue to lose.

  4. Doug Kimball
    Barfly: Wow. The more committed, more invested side wins? Then we should begin now to plan for defeat.


    The Left has found the means to consolidate power to achieve their ends without having the argument.  FDR first used the depression as an excuse to centralize power and when that didn’t work, he packed the court.  So called grassroots politics is a codeword for rampant voter fraud, another strategy used effectively.  Since FDR, no crisis has passed without an excuse for consolidation of power.  The courts have been complicit in this effort, allowing the federal government to explode constitutional power limits on our central government and gut states’ rights.  But this consolidation of power was never so blatantly redistributive as it is today.  And despite these leftward lurches, America and its economy emerged largely intact. No more.

    Now we see the sleights of hand, the magician’s tricks.  We smust rebuild the constitutional barriors and tame the federal redistributive beast.  The uninformed and naive will neither out-vote or outnumber us.  You underestimate us.   Look to Wisconsin, Masssachusetts, Virginia, even the recent SCOTUS decision, weak as it was.  We know the left and we will win.

  5. DocJay

    Certainly I see far more motivation from the right this election.

    As far as marriage goes, I have found it is about submission in a sense.  Most of the time I am submitting, until hunting season that is.  

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