On Stagecraft

A paragraph in Kevin Williamson’s latest post on NRO caught my eye:

The presidency has been becoming more royal and ceremonial for years — see, for example, the ghastly, un-American, shameful, vulgar, cringe-inducing spectacle that is the State of the Union address. But Obama seems to have a full-time performing artist, the tireless Angela Lansbury of A…

  1. Lord Humungus


    Please allow me to introduce President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

  2. Curtis Edmonds

    Well, at least he’s more lifelike than Romney was.

  3. Leigh
    Curtis Edmonds:

    It was a dangerous assumption for liberals to make then about Reagan, and I think it’s a dangerous assumption for conservatives to make now about Obama. Stagecraft may have helped Reagan maintain his popularity, but his policies, not his props, were what made him popular in the first place. Similarly, Obama isn’t getting away with his support for gun control just because he’s so good at stagecraft, but because gun control efforts are experiencing an upsurge in popularity.

    Well, it’s not just policies — it’s the policies plus the presentation/argument for those policies plus personality plus a few other factors.

    But, that quibble aside, I think you’re spot-on.  Of course, we’ve always been having this debate — how much pomp and circumstance is appropriate for democratic representative government?

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