On Broken Clocks and Mike Bloomberg

I knew he had to be good for something. From ABC News:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a message for the White House about the dire warnings they keep issuing about looming spending cuts: “Spare me.”

“There’s a lot of posturing — ‘I’m going to lay off my employees today unless you do something. We’re going to close the hospitals down. We going to take all the prisoners from jail and put them on the street. Spare me. I live in that world. I mean come on,” Bloomberg said, mocking the warnings coming from the administration.

He’s the mayor of the largest city, but Bloomberg says he’s not overly worried about across-the-board spending cuts known as the “sequester” set to go into effect on Friday.

“On Monday we’ll be able to police the streets, there will be a fire engine that responds, an ambulance, teachers will be in front of the classroom. If there’s snow, we’ll be able to plow,” Bloomberg said.

I’d raise my glass to the mayor if I wasn’t so sure he’d confiscate the contents.