Over at his blog, Andrew Sullivan notes that a new movie by Terence Malick is on the way. Once upon a time I would have been thrilled to read this. Malick made two films–Days of Heaven and Badlands—that are amongst the finest that I have ever seen. His more recent efforts have, however, been bedeviled by ever increasing amounts of the reheated transcendentalist sludge that was to make stretches of 2011’s The Tree of Life very slow going indeed. 

Under the circumstances, it was depressing to read this in Peter Bradshaw’s preview of Malick’s new film (which boasts the somewhat ominous title of To the Wonder):

Just two years after The Tree of Life – hardly more than an eye-blink in terms of his usual production-rate – Terrence Malick has returned with something which could be seen as a B-side or companion piece to that film. It is a bold and often beautiful movie, unfashionably and unironically concerned with love and God, and what will happen to us in the absence of either.

Oh dear.

On the other hand there’s this:

To the Wonder does not quite have the mad and magnificent ambition of The Tree of Life

Good, good

I shall go, hoping for the best…