Obama: Twisting in the Wind

Bill Whalen is on his way to St. Petersburg and will soon lack access to the internet. I am in Prague at a cheap hotel, and I have a better connection than I ordinarily get on the road in the US – which is why I know something that, I suspect, Bill would very much like to know but doesn’t – to wit, that Harry Reid has agreed to substantial spending cuts without tax increases, that Ezra Klein at The Washington Post is reporting that the Republicans have won, and that Barack Obama is, as is utterly predictable, throwing a gigantic hissie fit.

Folks, it rarely gets better. John Boehner is going to go down in history as one of the canniest Speakers of the House in the history of Congress. By dint of sheer persistence and patience, he has won the argument on expenditures and taxes hands down. The polling data is clear. The Democrats are on the run, and the adolescent in the White House is pouting. How sweet it is!

Now if only we could find a Republican presidential nominee capable of fully taking advantage of the disarray into which Barack Obama has plunged his party. Someone should give Paul Ryan another call. There is, as they say, a tide in the affairs of men, and if that admirable Congressman from Wisconsin does not seize the opportunity, that tide is apt to pass him by. More to the point, however, if we do not seize this opportunity and find someone not a managerial progressive who can eloquently make the argument for downsizing federal responsibilities and has the moxie to follow through, that tide is apt to pass us by as well.