Obama in 2012: Defunding Hope, Smiting Change

Earlier this week I had a bit of fun at the president’s expense over his budget’s ludicrous proposal to step up subsidies for new-technology automobiles purchased almost exclusively by the wealthy. There was another item in that budget, however, from which I could derive no such mirth: his proposal to end funding for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, the …

  1. Mel Foil

    The School Choice program forgot to budget for the campaign kickbacks. That’s their problem.

  2. Percival
    etoiledunord: The School Choice program forgot to budget for the campaign kickbacks. That’s their problem. · 2 hours ago

    Pay to play, baby.  Pay to play.

    Or in this case, I guess it would be earn to learn.

  3. Duane Oyen

    You have it exactly right, Troy.  This is the most disgusting aspect of that jerk’s behavior.  Play golf while the kids die.

  4. John Murdoch

    One of the things that gets me absolutely apoplectic is the shameless way the Obamas use public school children in D.C. as props for photo ops–and as bargaining chips to curry favor with the teachers unions. 

    Education? When a photo op is needed, Michelle trots out the (black, low-income) kids from the local elementary school–not the (white, 99th-percentile of income) children from Sidwell Friends (whose annual tuition, I daresay, is higher than the median family income of D.C. residents).

    Yup–Barack Obama is a believer in public education. He’s just never attended a day of public school in his entire life. And neither have his kids. 

    I went to 9th grade in the D.C. public schools, about a mile from the campus of Sidwell Friends. It was a cesspool (in some stairwells, literally). It was the first place I ever saw (and eventually held) a handgun. 

    The D.C. schools should be shut down entirely, and the entire budget used for vouchers. Less money, better education. 

    But Obama cares more about the teachers unions than about the kids trapped in that system.

  5. John Murdoch

    One more thing: 

    The elimination of the D.C. school voucher program also means that Obama’s children won’t have to rub elbows anymore with the handful of the proletariat that have used their vouchers at Sidwell Friends. 

    We wouldn’t want the little darlings to have to put up with those sort of people, do we?

  6. Ross C

    remember the end ofthis program was one of Obama’s first acts after being sworn in.

    I can understand that this is red meat to the Dem’s bosses at the teacher’s union.  But I cannot belp but wonder if the president believes that the students and the nation are better served if these kids are in the DC public schools.  I actually prefer to think him a true believer.  In that case he just has bad judgment.  It is hard to imagine that he understands that they are better off at other schools, but is too cynical to care.

  7. Songwriter

    Great column, Troy.

  8. Mama Toad

    Thank you, Troy, for writing your article, and for caring about these students. 

    John Murdoch, I share your burning rage at the shamelessness of our First Family in using the students as props. 



  9. Ansonia

    Thank you, Mr Senik.

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