Obama Girl Redux and The Hipster President Turns Square

Oh my.

As if President Obama didn’t have enough trouble this week with all the news about how he has lost the youth vote. Wait until the cool kids get a load of this.

It seems our government ran a contest for young people to submit videos to HHS to convince other young people to buy into Obamacare. Populist propaganda. Amateur government porn.

It was called the “Healthy Young America Video Contest” and the winners were announced on the White House website Tuesday. The overall winner was submitted by a lovely girl named Erin McDonald.

The name of her video to convince young people to buy an Obamacare policy……… is………wait for it……….drum roll……….I’m not kidding about this………..


If a Freudian slip could have a Freudian slip it wouldn’t be as revealing as the White House telling young people to not look at the cost. Or the rest of us for that matter.

If Democrats could have a theme song to capture the spirit of their utopian lust, the winner in the “Fiscal Irresponsibility” category would be a song called “Forget About The Price Tag.” It’s so pre-Presidential Barack Obama rhetoric. It harkens back to his promise of a single payer healthcare system. It unfortunately portends the same for your future.

And it’s real. It seems too perfect a desperate blunder, but I’m not making this up. It’s real. The White House has endorsed a song about ObamaCare called “Forget About The Price Tag.” Pinch me. Or shoot me. I haven’t decided yet.

Now for the video. This is no hip “Obama Girl” tune. This is bad. It’s corny. It’s Rebecca Black “Friday” bad.

Before I show it to you, will someone please contact his young lady, Erin McDonald, and ask her to reorganize that one corner of her bedroom? It drove me insane the entire video (but thankfully distracted me from the lyrics).

With apologies to all of you, I give you the new descriptor, sound-bite, slogan, bumper sticker cum personality disorder of the Obama administration – Forget About The Price Tag:


  1. Kay of MT

    I’ll never forgive you Tommy De Seno, that was enough to make one up-chuck.

  2. flownover

    Giant selfie wins prize, can you imagine how bad the other entries were ??

    They beclown themselves.

    I bet the girl is software engineer working on the Obamascare, either that or a cosmetologist doing a remedial class in eyebrows.

  3. Penfold

    Seriously?  I’m over 50 and I’d love to hear  what “millennials” think of this.  Truly reminds me of Bob Hope in a hippy wig.  Uncool.

  4. Rhoda at the Door

    I like the part where she points two pistols at her head.

  5. drlorentz

    You should apologize to Rebecca Black. Annoying as Friday is, it’s way better than Erin McDonald’s opus. I notice that Friday has over 60 million hits on YouTube. I’d be surprised if Obamagurl gets 60 thousand – more like 60.

  6. Ryan M

    … I feel like I recognize that tune. 

  7. Ryan M

    oh, dang.  Here it is: 


    How hip am I?

    (ok, I had to ask my wife)

  8. Ryan M

    interestingly, the the actual song seems to have very nearly the opposite message…

  9. Jon Gabriel, Ed.

    The folky vibe is like Joan Baez with autotune. #gack

  10. paulebe

    I wish I could bring myself to believe that the great majority of our nation might look at this and wretch. I am quite certain, however, that they would consider it a catchy little song with a nice beat they could dance to.

    Please tell me how wrong I am (without use of polls please. I no longer believe any of them, especially the one that make me feel better)!

  11. Mike Rapkoch
    Rhoda at the Door: I like the part where she points two pistols at her head. · 22 minutes ago

    I’m the one with the pistols pointed inward.

  12. gone2tx

    I like how within a single phrase she declares that the “affordable” care act is not about the price tag.  Seems like the name of the bill was disingenuous?  Surprising, everything else about it has been so above board.

  13. Merina Smith

    SNL and late night comics–comedy gold given to you on a silver platter!  Make the most of it!

  14. Goddess of Discord

    Shoot me now.

  15. Sister

    This is a joke. Right?

  16. rico

    Not just a line in the lyrics but the actual title of the song…very unsubtle.

    Perhaps Republican operatives have penetrated the Obama propaganda machine.

  17. Drusus

    I’m (barely) a millennial, and I couldn’t stand more than 15 seconds of that pablum.  

  18. Whiskey Sam

    Man, I should have just submitted a cover of Sabbath’s “Killing Yourself to Live”.  This video is what happens when we let pretty girls skate through life without a working brain stem.

  19. iWe


    Watch to the end… “Live, from New York!”

  20. D.C. McAllister

    Is it wrong that I want to slap her upside the head to wake her up —-figuratively speaking of course?

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