Now, About That Car Elevator

On the podcast we recorded just now, Rob and I talked with Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee. (As he himself explained, by the way, “Reince” rhymes with “pints.”)

Reince explained that he had just visited Mitt and Ann Romney in San Diego. “I found out about that car elevator,” he said–and although I may have a word or two wrong, this comes from the notes I took while he was speaking:

I found out that the car elevator is just a $1,500 simple mechanical lift that’s required by the building code. Fifteen hundred dollars is still a lot of money, I know. But the real car lift is nothing like the picture of some fancy car elevator that the press painted.

I’m a big believer in correcting the record. If the press gets something wrong, we have to say so. We have to fight back.

It’s a pity the Romney campaign felt too defensive to correct to record itself, of course. (Romney’s house in Southern California is still worth millions, no matter what kind of car elevator he has, and the real pity is that the campaign felt defensive about Romney’s wealth, his career–really, about free markets.) But now we have an RNC chairman who, a) knows the press is against us, and, b) wants candidates and party officials that are willing to fight.