New York – Proof Positive that the Mag / Clip capacity argument is a FRAUD

Prior to today, New York banned magazines that could hold more than 10 rounds.

As of today they dropped the limit to 7, with no grandfathering this time.

Why? Because 10 – 3 = 7. The number is arbitrary, the process is what matters to them. Getting magazines smaller is what matters, because banning magazines is the goal.

You see, this won’t stop a school shooting, or a firefighter shooting, so next time there is one the magazine size will be diminished still furth…

  1. Lord Humungus

    Word on the wind is that the bill is fouled up somehow, it’s passage will make instant criminals of NY gun owners; that it will be passed by assembly tonight and repealed tomorrow and sent back for correction.

    Needless to say, gunstores in NY are busy busy busy.

  2. Mr. Bildo

    If anyone needs help “storing” their long guns “offsite” before registration hits, well, there are patriots out here willing to help. This law can’t last, but I wouldn’t want my name in any database in the meantime.

  3. ChristmasBeard

    Seven rounds doesn’t seem all that arbitrary. Don’t most semiautomatic handguns hold more than seven cartridges? And it will be up to the firearms industry to manufacture and sell NY-compliant magazines for all those handguns out there in NY that hold 8+ rounds within the year. Otherwise, anyone with a typical semiautomatic handgun will be a criminal. Unless, of course, they have sold their magazines to someone out of state by then. Seems like they’re trying to force out semiautomatics altogether.

  4. Jimmy Carter

    “Hay, Cuomo, how many rounds did John Wilkes Booth’s gun hold?”

  5. Lord Humungus

    Note too that they also have mandated weapon registration and 5 year permits for ALL gun owners.  Now they’ll know what you have, so next time they ban some undesirable feature they can just come to your door, or knock it down.

    Now hang on just a little. The new registration requirement is for assault weapons, not all long guns. And, apparently, these permits will be reviewed every 5 years, as will handgun permits, and compared against criminal and mental health databases. There will be a background check for all ammo sales. 

    The new bill is awful for gun owners.

  6. KayBee

    That pesky 2nd amendment just says the right to bear arms–apparently it doesn’t guarantee the right to actually use those weapons.

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