Mystery Ice Traps Global Warmists

A late present from under the tree: it seems a team of climate change-ologists went to Antarctica to document the disappearing ice cap, and were trapped by lots and lots of ice. From The Guardian:

At the beginning of December, Guardian journalists Alok Jha and Lawrence Topham set out on board the MV Akademik Shokalskiy, joining the Australiasian Antarctic Expedition 2013-2014, which commemorates the 100-year anniversary of Sir Douglas Mawson’s voyage to the region.

But their journey took a turn for the unexpected when their research vessel became trapped in Antarctic ice over Christmas.

That’s the in-ironic version. For a funnier — and more meaningful — take, here’s Frontpage:

The Antarctic ice was unaware that the science was settled… and settled in place instead trapping Tuney and his media Warmist allies in its Climate Change denier grip.

The metaphor just couldn’t be more fitting: desperate true believers of global warming/accelerating polar ice melt now find themselves trapped by thousands of square kilometers of summertime sea ice that wasn’t supposed to be there.

No picture could better symbolize and communicate the intellectual bankruptcy and disillusionment of a faithful group who refuse to believe they have been led astray. This has to be deeply embarrassing, if not outright humiliating.

Christmas keeps coming!