Moveon + Tea Party = ???

Courtesy of Instapundit, the blogfather, comes this story:

Joan (Founder of and I (Mark Meckler, cofounder of Tea Party Patriots) were introduced almost two years ago by a mutual friend, Ralph Benko. Ralph concluded his introductory email between us with something like this line: “God help the politi…

  1. BrentB67

    It is an interesting theoretical discussion and I read something similar regarding Occupy and the Tea Party. It is fun theory, but I have a hard time seeing it working practically.

  2. WI Con

    There is absolutely zero, none, nada chance of this happening. The Tea Party has been much more effective & honest in it’s quest to change/reform politics. has done nothing to promote those changes outlined in the passage quoted. The Tea Party has often bucked the Republican Establishment, what examples are there of Move-on doing something equivalent?

    Sounds like another ‘No Lables’ fantasy.

  3. Jimmy Carter

    Tea Party= Constitution (duh) ignoring The Constitution (remember from where the name came?)

  4. Mr. Bildo

    Goes together like Churchill and Stalin…

  5. Eeyore

    As the old saying goes, it depends on whose ox is being gored.

    About wasted money in ed? The right will say we need more math and don’t need 5th grade cucumber/condom ed or multiple diversity bureaucracies. Horrors! says the Left.  Of course we need those and homework is too hard! What we don’t need is all this old patriarchal sexist genocidal American Founding stuff.

    N’er the twain shall meet.

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