Mo Joe?

As Joe Biden continues to consider a run for the presidency, I thought we here at Ricochet might be of some help. I know it’s early, but eventually he’s going to need a campaign slogan, and, as we all know, stringing a coherent set of words together may not be the Vice-President’s greatest gift. So, in the interest of bipartisanship, any ideas for a Biden slogan?

  1. Guy Montag

    Biden 2016: It must be the hair.

    Biden 2016: Standing up for those who can’t do so on their own, literally.

    Biden 2016: Go to my website. You know, I am embarrassed. You know, the website number,  I should have that number in front of me and I don’t. I am actually embarrassed. Wait, it is or .gov or something. You’ll figure it out America, God bless ya.

    I already have part of his campaign advertisement for him, he just needs to remind America what their vote gets them:

  2. EJHill

    Joe ’16: The Last American President.

  3. Ken in CT

    Tanned, Rested, Confused, and Ready!

  4. Giantkiller

    “Biden – in your heart, you know he’s nuts.”

  5. Casey

    Biden – The Freshmaker

  6. Casey

    Biden 2016: He’s A Shovel Ready Project

  7. Casey

    Vote Biden – The Only True Washington Outsider

  8. outstripp

    Oppan Biden Style!

  9. Pseudodionysius

    “Biden 2016. Unplugged and unhinged.”

    “Biden 2016. Produced by Neil Kinnock.”

  10. Pseudodionysius

    “Biden 2016. The Fresh Prince of Hot Air.”

  11. Albert Arthur

    Biden 2016: We’re going to fundamentally embarrass America.

  12. Western Chauvinist
    Pseudodionysius: “Biden 2016. Unplugged and unhinged.”

    “Biden 2016. Produced by Neil Kinnock.” · 50 minutes ago

    Joe Biden. A platform on which to stand. Literally.

    Especially if you’re in a wheelchair.

  13. Severely Ltd.

    Let’s repeat the feat of presidential down-sizing

    Joe’s progressive, he’s plugged, he’s plagiarizing

  14. Pseudodionysius

    “Biden 2016. Pull!”

  15. WI Con

    Biden in 2016 – because 44 years of ‘public service’ just isn’t enough.

  16. Albert Arthur



  17. Troy Senik, Ed.

    Fake Hair, Fake Teeth, Real Tourette’s — Biden 2016

  18. Pilli

    Joe Biden 2016:  Our forefathers never saw this coming. 

    Joe ’16:  Teeth George Washington could only dream of.

    Joe Biden for President:  Wait! What?

  19. WI Con

    ‘To serve man!’ – Biden 2016

  20. jeffp

    President Joe Biden — ‘Cause How Much Worse Could Your Crazy Uncle Do in the Job?

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