“Mitt Romney Kept Us From Reporting on Security Failures!”

I . . . er, . . . uh . . . I simply have no words for this.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Talk about the conservative critique–and I think it’s a fair critique, the conservative critique: that all you guys in the media were talking about Mitt Romney, you should have talked about the warnings with the embassy, etc., etc. And yes perhap…

  1. Crabby Appleton

    Welcome to Bizarro World!

  2. Benjamin Carter
    Unbelievable.  One man makes an official statement in front of about 15 reporters, and suddenly he’s held the entire national media hostage. 
  3. The King Prawn

    I have no Christian or CoC compliant things to say about that, so I’ll shut up now.

  4. Glenn the Iconoclast

    Ditto on the unbelievable.

  5. DrewInWisconsin
    The King Prawn: I have no Christian or CoC compliant things to say about that, so I’ll shut up now. · 0 minutes ago

    Yeah, I lied up there. I actually did have words for that, but discretion being the better part of valor, etc. . . .

  6. RightinChicago

    Islam delenda est

    Thank God nobody watches MSNBC.  Even so, this actually makes them look stupid.  He’s basically saying that he was forced to cover Mitt Romney in lieu of Obama.  I used to think Progressives were stupid.  I still do.  Now I actually hate them all.  Even my sister.

  7. At The Rubicon

    So therefore Mitt owns this topic.  Go for it, Mitt. Have daily presidential press briefings (taking no questions) about the problem, how we got into this mess, and how to fix it.

  8. DocJay

    Madness. Scarborough is a disgrace.

  9. Glenn the Iconoclast

    Scarborough is the conservative on MSNBC?  Well, I guess comparatively he is, being just a leftist rather than a communist.

  10. John Hanson

    Scarborough used to be known as a conservative, recently he seems to me more of a shill for liberals.

  11. Edward Smith

    You watch The Morning Joe?  You might as well watch reruns of Yu-Gi-Oh!


  12. Severely Ltd.

    Prawn and Drew, if you have any four letter words to adequately reply to this, they’d be new to me. I’m voting with ‘Bizarro’ and “unbelievable’. How’d he do it with a straight face?

  13. Edward Smith

    Is this Joe Scarborough?


  14. The King Prawn

    This sounds so much like one child blaming the other for her misbehavior. I’ve got a bamboo spoon for that at my house, but what can we do about it as a nation?

  15. donald todd

    who watches Joe Scarborough?

  16. mark alesse

    If Joe had had his head screwed on straight, he’d of blamed Bush!

    (What douch-bag his is!)

  17. Pseudodionysius
    DocJay: Madness. Scarborough is a disgrace. · 3 hours ago

    That’s quite a tongue bath he gave to the Obama administration: I sure hope he’s got all of his vaccinations up to date.

  18. Nick Stuart
    Edward Smith: You watch The Morning Joe?  You might as well watch reruns of Yu-Gi-Oh! · 23 hours ago

    That would be at least as informative about world events, and a whole lot more entertaining.

    The Left — politicians, commentators, and media alike — have simply lost their minds and become incoherent.

  19. Sisyphus

    It’s worse than that. He once held office in Florida with an R next to his name, so a member of my family occasionally calls with the latest Scarboroughasm touting it as the opinion of sensible Republicans. (She subscribes to the Atlantic as well.) Sometimes giving these scoundrels the attention required to denounce and dismiss them is necessary. 

    They tried him locally on WMAL radio for a few weeks, but he just didn’t make the grade. Definitely MSNBC quality.

  20. KC Mulville

    He’s such a Scarborough.

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