Mexican Pointy Boots: You Saw Them First on Ricochet!

How can I tie this to immigration? Like many Ricochet folks, I favor a high wall and a wide gate. As a Mexican with many ties to the old country, I want what’s best for Mexico, not what’s best for Mexican-American politicians, or white politicians, or any politicians.

What’s best for Mexico, a country that really needs our prayers, is for Mexico to work on fixing itself. If cannot do this if the number one industry in Mexico is getting out of Mexico. Tough love? Maybe, but it’s a great country with great resources and great people. It doesn’t need to export it’s talented people, or even it’s poor unskilled to thrive. I’d like to help it do that. 

Despite the problems with cartel violence and corruption at all levels of everything imaginable, it is still a place of joy. This video is surely proof of that.