Mark Judge on “God, Onanism, and the Woman Who Said No.”

If you read one thing today, read this piece by Mark Judge over at Acculturated. Mark is one of the most insightful cultural critics around, and here he writes about how “porn industry has made cowards out of men.” He also tells a very personal story in this piece.

He writes: 

It’s not something fun to write about. The potential for embarrassment or personal–and even career–damage is real.

And yet, here at Acculturated, we’re in the business of dealing with the popular culture, God, and the virtues, so when the topic comes up, we’d be cowards not to address it.

I’m talking about sex, yes, but also something specific to sex–onanism. Self-love. Self-love, and the brilliant, heavenly, and comedic thing that is the young male libido.

What prompts this reflection is a recent column in the Catholic News Agency by Matt McGuiness. McGuiness set out to write “a second look at porn,” but his writing is so confused and oblique that he’s only managed to cause anger and controversy. The sharpest response came from pro-chastity activist and sexual abuse survivor Dawn Eden, who wrote a sharp response.

Mark goes on to tell that story I mention. He ultimately concludes:

Matt McGuinness was right in one sense. Us men can be lustful brutes. But to celebrate that, and the fear behind it, as he seems to do, is just weak. As Mencken said about the man who avoids live encounters with women because it has hazards, it is “the work of a puling and tacky fellow.”

Read the full thing here.