Let Us Count the Ways the Obama Administration Has Been Given a Pass

With only three days until election day, I thought it would be interesting to reflect upon the under-reported and under-discussed issues of the last four years. Let us Riochetti count the ways the Obama administration has been given a pass – by the media, liberals, conservatives, the American public, academicians …. you name it. What topic do you think received less attention than it deserved? I’ll start.

I think the way Obama decreased our chances for energy independence at a time when it affects our independence as a nation (given current dynamics in the Middle East and Venezuela) was given too little attention. From his often disparaging remarks about “big oil’ and the coal industry to shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline to the near-moratorium on offshore gas and oil exploration, Obama decreased our chances for energy independence. Yes, we must balance our energy production with concern for the environment and the search for energy alternatives. But, are the countries from which we buy our oil and gas caring for their environments?