Learning History with Hillsdale … For Free

If you’ve been listening to the Ricochet Podcast recently (or any of our other shows, for that matter), you’ve heard us talking about Hillsdale College and their online courses. In the last year, Hillsdale has started a series of online courses on the Constitution and Western Civilization. They now have over 500,000 people who have registered to participate. That’s pretty incredible for a small school of 1,400 in rural Michigan.

The lectures, including a number from Hillsdale’s president, Dr. Larry Arnn, are outstanding. Plus, they’re all archived so you can go through them at your convenience.

Now, Hillsdale has a brand new online history course called “American Heritage.” You can register – for FREE – at Ricochet.com/Hillsdale.

I probably don’t need to tell our readers just how valuable these courses are. If you need any more convincing, however, let me leave you with a quote from Dr. Arnn, from his introductory lecture to the course:

We’re living right now at one of the key moments in American history, one of the pivots. We’ve got a nation that can’t continue…being organized in two different ways…How are you going figure out what the right way is? The answer is to learn the story of the country and learn the principles and institutions that have guided us.

I don’t know the last time you took an American history course … but we could all use a refresher. Register here. For your further edification, I’ve included the course schedule below: 1.”Introduction: How to Think About American History”Larry P. ArnnLecture Available February 25 2.”Colonial Settlement”Mark KalthoffLecture Available March 4 3.”Enlightenment and Natural Rights”Terrence MooreLecture Available March 11 4.”The American Founding”Paul RaheLecture Available March 18 5.”Democracy: American Promise and its Dangers”Paul RaheLecture Available March 25 6.”The Crisis of the Union”David RaneyLecture Available April 1 7.”The Gilded Age and the Robber Barons”Burt FolsomLecture Available April 8 8.”Progressivism”Paul MorenoLecture Available April 15 9.”America as a World Power”Tom ConnerLecture Available April 22 10.”The Reagan Revolution”Terrence MooreLecture Available April 29