Law Talk #17: Roman Riparian Law Is No Joking Matter

Law Talk fans, the wait is over. America’s most beloved legal minds return –with host Troy Senik— to guide you through the important legal issues of the day. This week the professors tackle Occupy Wall Street and the 1st Amendment (and it’s relation to Roman law), debate whether or not Tea Partiers are Constitutionalists, explain the Defense Authorization act, and of course, the burning issue of puppies in law school. We’re strongly in favor of them. 

It’s the law: everyone can listen in below (direct link here), but if you want to get the mellifluous tones of Epstein,Yoo, and Senik on your phone or tablet, to subscribe to the show in iTunes or on Stitcher, you must be a Ricochet member. Join today!

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Update: Professor Epstein asked us to post&nbsp;this article&nbsp;(pdf download)&nbsp;he wrote on Roman Riparian Law for the Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy. Note: there will be a quiz on the next podcast and it does count towards your final grade.&nbsp;

Our thanks to the great&nbsp;EJHill&nbsp;for the illustration.&nbsp;&nbsp;