Kennedy Smith Memorial Service

On December 15th, we received the heartbreaking news that Ricochet Member Kennedy Smith had passed away. The tributes came in as Kennedy would have liked; rapidly, smartly, and from the heart.

Unable to adequately describe Kennedy’s imposing and fun-loving brilliance, I simply quoted the gentleman extensively and let that gentle, yet sharp, wit speak for itself, for to try and capture such brainpower by any other means would be like trying to use a dim flashlight to illuminate a flash of lightning. But while we can’t illuminate lightning, we can celebrate it’s brilliance. 

Arrangements for Kennedy’s memorial service have been announced. According to his brother, Campbell, the service will be held this Friday, January 4th, at 11AM, at Our Lady of the Mount Catholic Church, near Chattanooga,Tennessee. The actual address is 1227 Scenic Highway, Lookout Mountain, Georgia. “All of Kennedy’s family, friends, and acquaintances are welcome. We would love to see any of you who would like to share in our celebration of Kennedy’s life,” writes Campbell.

I am making every effort to be there, though the snow and freight appear to be conspiring against me at the moment. Ricochet meant a great deal to Kennedy, even as his friendship meant still more to those of us who mourn his passing, though we find comfort in the knowledge that his happy wit is even now making Heaven more heavenly.

(Photo from our own EJ Hill)