ISO Good Fathers (and Men)!

Writer Ruthie Blum made a compelling point about the larger culture in a post about the Sandy Hook massacre: What has happened to fatherhood? She offers numerous examples of absent or completely dysfunctional fathers associated with tragedies in recent years.

So what has happened to fatherhood? I’d hazard at least one guess: The kind of cheap “I am woman, hear me roar” feminism that permeates our culture has so completely devalued men’s role in the family — as both providers and protectors — that there are many, many males who genuinely don’t understand what their responsibilities properly are.

Men tend to live up (or down) to the expectations women have for them. In recent decades, we have demanded from them both too much (men should be more sensitive, domestically-oriented and emotional, like stereotypical women — except when we don’t want them to be!) and too little (offering easy sex with no reciprocal guarantee of love, support and commitment for ourselves and our children).