Is That All There Is?

Disappointment almost overwhelms me at watching a 30 year old woman testifying in front of Congress and Country, begging for someone else to pay for her birth control. And thinking that for sure, everyone should have to pay for the day (or week?) after abortion pills that she demands. So we women have spent all these decades, getting educated, rising in the workforce, trying to figure out how to work while still being parents to our kids… all these things and the only thing these “leaders”, f…

  1. maureen dirienzo

    I had the same reaction, I was embarrassed and ashamed for her.  Yet she had no hint of either.  Just entitled, a helpless victim.  I wonder if she makes her Mom proud. 

  2. We shouldn’t be surprised; the entire feminist agenda is based on victimization; abortion has to be legal, or else women may kill themselves, affirmative action is necessary so that women don’t get depressed, etc… and it works every time.

  3. raycon and lindacon

    Congrats ladies.  If you were a flaming feminist, you now see the culmination of your efforts.  No wonder Rush calls them feminazis.

    Apologies to you vast majority of Ricochet women.  I know I am not talking about you.  For the actual feminazis, you know who you are.

  4. Jerry Broaddus

    That was no woman, that was anti-Catholic activist Sandra Fluke.

  5. flownover

    This was no fluke, she was a plant if ever.

    Her  hollering about getting free birth control while attending a Catholic college was pretty funny.

    Imagine if she was going to a Muslim University ( unlikely) and complaining about the lack of bacon on the breakfast buffet ?

    Because she wouldn’t be allowed to complain about birth control much longer than it took someone to show her the FGM school club.

  6. JM Hanes

    Amen, sunlight!  I want no part of women — who are in the demographic majority, after all — trying to claim victim status on my putative behalf. Nor do I appreciate being expected to applaud the rise of someone like Pelosi to the Speaker’s Chair as an advance for my gender.  I especially resent the fact that pushing back against feminist arrogance means getting sucked into so-called “women’s issues,” when that’s the very idea I object to.  Unlike the feministas, however, I don’t mistake resentments for evidence of suppression.  

    It’s truly bizarre to see the original fight for independent status turned into a fight for (highly selective) dependency.  What’s next?  Reparations?  From our sons?

  7. Terrell David

    See the article from what I consider the sexy Phyliss Schlafly (I love a woman with brains)

  8. Sunlight

    It’s weird to me that the discussion is just full of all this mechanical medical type stuff, and yet we NEVER talk about how to have a family in this current mode. And whether there is an adjustable mode for non-deserted family management. This lady is only 30, I guess she hasn’t started focusing on tailoring her life for family and community volunteer (and I don’t mean political stuff) efforts. For example, I’ve grown an enormous (initially discouraged by the women’s lib verbiage) admiration for the ladies who lunch, who do the huge heavy lifting fundraisers for the non-profits, and their spouses who back them. We discredited that stuff for some years and I’m back in terms of the Volunteers of America. I think that’s why the Ricochet Meet-up photos look so great. A way to expand the friendship circle with more like-minded people… Anyway.

  9. James Gawron


    Your name is very appropriate.  I just saw this.  You are one of my leaders.



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