International Sex Scandal Watch: YouTube Ban Back On!

Oh, yes. I am so not making this up. It’s back on.

Apparently, someone posted that infamous video of ousted opposition leader Deniz Baykal, who is the ousted, as opposed to the current opposition party leader because of the existence of the video in question. It features an impropriety, so to speak, and an intern, and an intimation that old man Baykal is losing his jihad–in the “personal, private moral struggle” sense of the word, which as we all know is the deep and authentic one. It was deep and authentic in this case, anyway. Actually, technically, she was a party deputy, not an intern, but the word “intern” sounds more sex-scandalicious. (Sorry, new Ricochet interns. If you prefer, we’ll call you “party deputies” and reserve the word “intern” for those who engage in the kind of act that results in all of YouTube being banned in countries with kind of a neophyte grasp on the concept of freedom of expression.)

The hilariously tragic thing about this is that they’re not even that good at banning it. They can’t quite figure out how to do it. It’s all kind of technically above the censors’ pay grades. So right now, it’s technically banned, or at least it was at the time that article was written, but I can still watch it. Maybe they’ll get it figured out by tomorrow, or maybe the ban will be lifted again, or maybe they’ll just accidentally ban some other massively useful site, like Google Maps–they did that before, apparently by accident, resulting in gridlock and traffic chaos when previously organized and disciplined Turkish drivers were forced to navigate by echolocation.

Yes, I am kidding about the last part, but only in the suggestion that Turkish drivers have ever been orderly and disciplined. I’m not kidding about them banning Google Maps by accident, and I don’t think I’m kidding about their use of echolocation, either; it’s as good a theory as any to explain what they think they’re doing out there on those roads.