INTEL Corporation Is In Big Trouble

At 8:30 A. M. on 5/17/2012 Intel’s annual shareholder meeting will happen. I’ll be there. We’ll hear how well our chips are doing despite the world’s economic headwinds. We’ll also hear a shareholder proposal from NorthStar Asset Management panicked by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. You can read their proposal here:…

  1. BrentB67

    I hope you get the mic and when you do, if all else fails give ‘em the “greed is good” speech from Wall Street.

  2. Indaba

    Great that you speak up and say WHY these laws were not liked by Intel, one of the best corporations with great ethics.

  3. Susan in Seattle

    Ditto the above; I hope you make it to the microphone.

  4. M1919A4

    Stand Fast, Brother Ehrlich, and damn the opposition!  May all good men and ladies rally to your flag.

  5. Misthiocracy

    Surely, Intel chooses to finance political candidates based on their support for policies that favour the semiconductor industry rather than their policies on social issues.

    I’d ask NorthStar, “how come the other politicians, the ones who agree with you on social issues and the environment, are so hostile to policies favourable to the semiconductor industry?”

  6. DocJay

    Give em hell. If they have their way you’ll lose all your money.

  7. ctlaw

    Does this mean 69% of Intel’s contributions go to politicians who vote for these nutty things?

  8. Shelton Ehrlich

    At Intel’s meeting this obnoxious proposal only got about 6% support from shareholders.  However, I went to Charles Schwab this P.M. and there the proposer was the NYC pension fund.  They got about 20% support for the same idea.  Schwab doesn’t have a PAC so the proposal to publish a list of donations every six months made no sense.

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