In Memoriam: Norman Schwarzkopf

He was one of America’s most brilliant generals, and a leader who earned deserved fame for having masterfully marshaled coalition forces against Saddam Hussein in order to liberate Kuwait in the first Persian Gulf war. His only blunder was to have allowed the Iraqi army the use of air power once the war came to an end, which enabled Saddam to put down a Kurdish uprising that might have brought his regime to an end long before George W. Bush took on the responsibility of doing so.

After his service in the army came to an end, Schwarzkopf continued to lead a notable and useful life, endeavoring to be of service to the country in other ways, including helping raise awareness regarding prostate cancer and working to promote children’s charities. But it is his generalship for which he will be remembered, as he helped set the standard for how America should decide to go to war, and how she ought to fight once she has decided to engage. He helped advance American interests and values, and he made the world a better place both in and out of uniform. One cannot possibly ask for more than that.

Requiescat in pace.