I hereby declare the Katie Rule

Our former and beloved Ricochet member Katievs (If you see this, come back, Katie!) used to include me, named by name, in the original post of several conversations. 

I don’t always see every thread, so I asked her to please drop be a line (via PM) if she did so, so I wouldn’t miss the thread.

And she, before she left, complied.

Now, many threads here are inspired by other threads, and we all pay one another the courtesy of naming our inspirations.

However, in an attempt to prevent us f…

  1. donald todd

    I’ll bite.  How does one PM?

  2. BrentB67

    I second the motion and you did me the courtesy when you referenced me in the Libertarian question thread. Thank you.

  3. Spin

    Libertarian much?

  4. ConservativeWanderer
    Fred Cole: This rule is effective immediately.  So mote it be. · · 40 minutes ago

    I believe the phrase is, “So let it be written. So let it be done,” Pharaoh Fred. :p

  5. Southern Pessimist

    I think you meant to say “in an attempt to prevent us from NOT seeing threads with our names in them.” Doesn’t matter to me. You can quote me as often as you like without sending me a PM because if you send me a PM that pretty much assures that I won’t see it for at least a week.

  6. The King Prawn

    I just read everything since I expect my knowledge and insights to be so spectacular that every new topic will reference me.

  7. Ryan M

    Woah, you guys are being referenced?! I’m just excited to have my posts read at all by more than 5 people, haha. Here’s me, waiting for the big time. Although, I do occasionally reference myself…

  8. BrentB67
    Donald Todd: I’ll bite.  How does one PM? · 3 hours ago

    I think (two scariest words onRicochet) he means an Email through the website.

  9. The King Prawn
    Donald Todd: I’ll bite.  How does one PM? · 4 hours ago

    Click on the person’s linked name. On the right side of the profile there is a button for sending a private message. Users can disable this feature, so not everyone will be available through this means.

  10. Larry Koler
    The King Prawn: I just read everything since I expect my knowledge and insights to be so spectacular that every new topic will reference me. · 3 hours ago

    As they should.

  11. Larry Koler

    I wish I could read faster. 

    But, I think this is a great idea. You know I did a post recently on the telepathy, clairvoyance and predestination thing. Well, the idea came from a comment exchange with Paul Snively. I should have PMed him. I just thought that he would see it but he didn’t participate and I feel bad about that. So great idea.

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