I got my piece of the pie

I thought this was too funny not to share with Ricochet. A couple of weeks ago the CDC called us and wanted us to give them some information regarding our kid’s immunization records. Jodie told them she was too busy to go look for the records and hung up. Yesterday we received a letter asking us to call back, along with a crisp $5 bill, and a promise of $10 more if we completed the survey. N

ow that’s change you can believe in! 

  1. Albert Arthur

    What, no $1T coin?

  2. AirMan

    I want my Obama money. I need a new cover for my Obamaphone.

  3. 9thDistrictNeighbor

    I tried to read the letter…what sorts of questions about adolescent immunization are they asking? I’d guess they’re pushing gardasil. I need to find a pediatrician that won’t even discuss it…

  4. Percival

    Hold out for $20.

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