HWX, with John Thune and Michael Barone


We went live with the latest Hinderaker-Ward Experience this morning. And now it’s a podcast. It was a great show. Senator John Thune, Michael Barone, John Hinderaker, and Brian Ward, together for the first time: four of the finest young rising minds in the conservative movement. We discuss the dynamics behind the election last week, and look ahead to what the future of the conservativism might look like. 

Later, a double shot of This Week in Gatekeeping (hide the children for one of them!). And we’re joined by legendary Ricochet member Gatomal, last week’s winner of the Mystery Word competition.

Please note, the technical capabilities of the live podcast is still a work in progress. It all went relatively smoothly. But, depending on Blue Yeti’s post-production artistry, you might also get a chance to hear some hiccups and a little of the sausage getting made behind the scenes (You may not have realized it, but John Hinderaker prepares a batch of his famous homemade pork jalapeno sizzlers during the taping of each and every show).

We hope you enjoy. And Ricochet members, be the first to name the Mystery Word in the comments section and you too can join us on air for the next show. Good luck!