How Do They Get Away With It?

Imagine, if you will, this news story:

Little by little the United States is forming military links in Africa and in the Indian Ocean in order, experts say, to protect American economic interests in the region.

In the past three weeks Washington has committed to supporting Ugandan forces operating in Somalia and to helping the Seychelles fight piracy.

“It is very clear that the American leaders recognize that military force will play a bigger role to safeguard the United States’ overseas interests,” Jonathan Holslag, of the Brussels Institute of American Contemporary Studies told AFP.

“There is a willingness, and even a consensus, in the United States, that this process will take place.”

The Indian Ocean is strategic, Holslag said, noting that 85 percent of American oil imports and 60 percent of its exports are routed via the Gulf of Aden.

Can you imagine what the international reaction would be?

But the story is actually about China, not the United States, and unless you’re a regular consumer of the Kenyan press, you won’t see it anywhere.