How Bad Is it in California?

Very, very, very bad.

An article brought to my attention by a friend–who, like half a dozen Californians with whom I’ve spoken over the last couple of days, is looking for property in Nevada or Texas:

John Smithton, Sacramento

 TimesUpdated 12:19 p.m., Thursday, November 8, 2012LOS ANGELES – Democrats after gaining a two-thirds majority in both theCalifornia Assembly and Senate following Tuesday’s election, will bebringing several new laws forward, all without the need for Republicanvotes.

The most striking of these is a bill which would restrict wealthy Californiawage earners from leaving the state without facing a large penaltyassessment on their real estate and financial assets….

“It’s time to start anew and to live within our means but at the same timeinvest in the cornerstone of our future and of our economy. We need thosefortunate enough with higher incomes to continue paying their fair share,and if that means making them pay dearly if they decide to leave our stateso be it,” Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, said ina telephone interview….

State Democrats have also proposed forming a new branch of the state police,to be known as the “STASI” or “State Team Action to Stem Income” which wouldbe staffed with volunteers from every community, monitoring residentscontemplating moving out of the state. The staffers would report onneighbors and family members with moving plans or otherwise actingsuspiciously….

UPDATE: Searching online, I’m unable to find the original, so I’m to suppose the article a hoax. If so, I’m relieved. On the other hand, what does it say about the present political climate here in the Golden State that neither I nor the friend who sent this to me feels–well, entirely sure?

If any among the Ricochetti can figure it out one way or the other–this thing seems to be floating around cyberspace, but, again, I’m unable to find the original–I’d be grateful.

UPDATE on my UPDATE: Fool that I am, I only just now remembered that the paper in Sacramento isn’t the Times but the Bee. John Smithton? No such journalist seems to exist. This is a hoax. And, for about ten minutes, yours truly fell for it.

Lord. Rob Long will never let me live this down.

All right, all right. That’s enough chortling, everybody. Go off and stuff start basting your turkeys.