Hitler WAS vegetarian

Gosh, I do hate it when liberals rewrite history to suit their own perversions. For example, it used to be such fun gently teasing one’s tofu-munching friends about the fact that the world’s most famous vegetarian was Adolf Hitler.

But these days, they always tend to come back with the line – presumably fed to them by the Linda McCartney Bureau of Vegetarian Propaganda – that, no, Hitler wasn’t vegetarian actually, not strictly so anyway, though he did have a sweet tooth, etc.

Oh yeah?

Well his personal food-taster seems to think he was a vegetarian. And she should know, shouldn’t she?

Look, I’ve got nothing personally against vegetarianism (apart from the fact that it involves not eating meat – and as Sarah Palin says: “If God hadn’t meant us to eat animals he wouldn’t have made them of meat”) but I do believe it important that we always cleave to the truth however ugly it may be.

So: let the teasing recommence!