1. Daniel Perez

    He was the man. Period.

    This one is my favorite…

  2. Whiskey Sam

    Clips like this belie the caricature of the Left of Reagan as slow or dim-witted.  It takes a sharp mind to bounce an impromptu quip like that back to a hostile questioner.

  3. Tristan Abbey

    Is this really the best quality footage we can find?!

  4. Valiuth

    Boy this just makes me depressed by our current stock of candidates…I don’t think any of them could manage to make such a joke without also making it sound like an invective. 

  5. Jimmy Carter

    Happy Birthday, Ronaldus Magnus.


    And Thank You, Troy. Watching clips of Him never get old.

  6. Barabajagal

     I miss him.  I miss voting for him.

  7. K T Cat

    How light and deft he was!

  8. Western Chauvinist

    God bless him. I needed the laugh today.

  9. DocJay

    I was 18 and voted for him with an affection one has for a grandfather. God Bless you Mr. President, you made me love being conservative.

  10. George Savage

    President Reagan’s pal Bob Hope immortalized a similarly prescient quip.

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