Good News In A Sea Of Bad

A couple of tiny bright spots I’m enjoying right now are the recent labor developments in Michigan and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals taking down the last state banning outright ownership of handguns, Illinois.

 There are also pockets of conservatism and orthodoxy moving through my beloved Catholic Church.

Cardinal Roger Mahony was replaced by the Opus Dei formed Jose Gomez as Archbishop here in Los Angeles, and perhaps the best example of a new direction is with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Many called the USCCB just another arm of the Democratic Party for putting life issues aside as they promoted a liberal agenda in the name of “social justice.” With Cardinal Timothy Dolan as the new president, that direction is at least stalled.

 And don’t get me started on Benedict The XVI. He’s a pillar.

Hugh Hewitt asked a group of attorneys at a recent Thomas More Society meeting if we would rather have a Romney victory, or the Dolan / Ratzinger combo. For me, when you throw in Bishop Gomez, I’ll take the combo — or at least I will be consoled by their presence.