Golden Retrievers Bring Comfort To Newtown

Hopefully, this should warm your heart just a little bit.

A group of therapy dogs from Chicago have a big job this week. A team of 10 golden retrievers, part of the comfort dog team from Lutheran Church Charities in Addison, have made the trip to Newtown, Conn. to offer some comfort to those dealing with the Sandy Hook school tragedy.

Personally, I’ve h…

  1. Brian Watt

    Definitely a good choice. Woof.

  2. ConservativeWanderer
    Brian Watt: Definitely a good choice. Woof. · 8 minutes ago

    Yep. A Golden never meets a stranger… they love everyone.

  3. Brian Watt

    And how can you not love a golden?


  4. Ansonia

    Golden Retrievers are my favorite dogs.

  5. Foxfier

    Husband’s dog was some mix of retriever.

    Animals.  I swear, they help us be human- especially at times when that isn’t a bad thing.

  6. Larry3435

    All in all, I have always found dogs to be much better people than many humans.  Of course domestic dogs are the product of intelligent design (breeding), and the vicious ones have been put down.  Whether there’s a lesson in there somewhere, you can decide for yourself.

  7. Devereaux

    Tim Hetzner, who runs LCC, is a good friend of mine. He has dedicated his life work to aiding those in need. His charity work via LCC is quite outstanding. One of his better ideas of a number of years ago was the introduction of his comfort dogs. Those dogs have been wonderful assets at numerous places. Tim keeps them himself, and they hang about the office during the day. They are fun dogs in their own right, and have had “service dog” training to enhance their ability to aid others. I am glad to hear from independent sources that his dogs made it and are doing their “thing”. Lord bless them and Tim and his crew.

  8. Give Me Liberty

    There is something to be said for the unconditional love that dogs and cats offer, especially, for hurting children,

  9. Katie O

    This is wonderful work the LCC is doing. My own golden boy was an indescribable help to me when our family suffered loss. He knew just what to do: when to cuddle, when to try to cheer me up with his antics, when to stay out of my way, when to seek me out. It was amazing how he really seemed to “know” and understand. But most incredible, is that it was all for love, not gain, duty, or show. The love of a dog is one of the purest goods in all the world. I’m glad those suffering in Newtown can be comforted this way. 

  10. Kervinlee

    The average dog is a better person than the average person.

  11. Mr. Dart


    Casey Belle approves wholeheartedly of what those Goldens are doing for the humans.

  12. Gödel
    Give Me Liberty: There is something to be said for the unconditional love that dogs and cats offer, especially, for hurting children, · 9 hours ago

    My wife has a cluster of auto-immune disorders and is asthmatic. She doesn’t get sick often, but when she does… oh, boy. And both of our cats can obviously tell, and are especially sweet and attentive when she’s lying weakly on the couch. Whenever I hear her laugh through the coughing, I can bet that one of the cats is being cute for her benefit.

  13. Quixotic

    Dogs are machines for loving, according to Iggy Pop.

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