Godzilla Has a New Rival

Beware the terrible Obamadon:

Yale scientists… recently named an extinct, tiny, bug-eating reptile after the commander in chief.

The Obamadon gracilis lived millions of years ago and was among lizards wiped out by an asteroid collision widely thought to have killed the dinosaurs, a Yale University press release states.

In reassessing previously collected fossils, they came across an unnamed species and called it Obamadon gracilis. In Latin, odon means “tooth” and gracilis means “slender.”

It is a small polyglyphanodontian distinguished by tall, slender teeth. … (Researchers) said the creature likely measured less than one foot long and probably ate insects.

I assure you, this is not from The Onion, and is all too real.

Somebody needs to start right away on a major motion picture starring the fearsome Obamadon. This monster would live on the blood of taxpayers, spew socialist fire from his upturned nostrils, and breathe deep the fumes of dying liberty.