Go, Jay! Mr. Nordlinger Gets It Exactly Right

One particularly good quote:

Romney is one of the brightest, most capable, most admirable men ever to run for president. He would have been an excellent and pivotal president, I believe — the “turnaround artist” we needed. But, in a democracy, the people get what they deserve. They now have what they deserve, or at least a majority does.

“Hang on, Nordlinger, are y…

  1. Cornelius Julius Sebastian

    He wasn’t perfect, and I was resistant to him intially, but as the campaign progressed I too became increasingly convinced that he was exactly what we needed for the jam we were in.  A great opportunity missed, America, enjoy the next four years of avoidable damage.

  2. curtmilr

    Romney was by far the finest man to have run for the office, at least since Reagan. Probably farther back than that!

    He was not perfect on the policy front of course, but he seemed to be a genuinely nice, pragmatic, competent, and ultimately likeable man!

  3. Guy Incognito

    As Jonah Goldberg says, quoting former NYC mayor Ed Koch:

    “The people have spoken … and they must be punished.”

    Or, as another man put it here.

  4. Jim  Ixtian

    Though not perfect, Romney had the right skills, experience, and temperament for the challenges that await the US. He would have/should have been the right man in the right place at the right time. Now? The US is sooooo screwed…To paraphrase the great philosopher Clubber Lang, “My Prediction for America? Pain….”

  5. Jay and Mona will be discussing this on their next podcast on Friday. 

  6. BTConservative

    Great article  - he makes so many great points.  Here are two more:

    Republicans and conservatives are babies — maybe we need to be diapered. We’re always bitching that no politician is good enough to represent us. This is not only wrong, it’s ungrateful. We should be grateful that so fine a man as Mitt Romney wanted to throw his hat in the ring and carry the water for our sorry behinds.

    At the moment, conservatives seem to be in love with Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, and a few others. Don’t worry. Let one of them be nominated, and his name will be mud. He won’t be able to do anything right. And if he loses the general — worse than mud.

  7. Ron Selander

    Excellent points, all!

  8. Franco

    I won’t bash Romney, but he lost and he should have won. If ever there was an incumbent who was close to losing it was Obama. So something went wrong and everything is fair game. Since Romney was the CEO of his campaign, he has to take some blame, although personal attacks are not warranted. He may well have been the best the party had to offer this time around. But what does that say about the party? 

    I am of the opinion that if conservatives and Republicans don’t devise a plan to take on the media, whether overt, covert or however, all this is moot. The media dragged Obama over the line, plain and simple, and this media has a monopoly on low information voters – the most threatening demographic of all.

  9. Roberto

    If you lower the bar far enough I suppose any man will appear a titan.

  10. Paul Dougherty

    Those who still gripe about Romney, I offer this challenge:

     Who do you envision having won against the President?

    If you come up with what seems a plausible name, I say that you haven’t been paying attention. It is not that Pres. Obama is a formidable person in both talent and capability but he is what the american people want, if not need. A more conservative candidate could not have beaten Santa without being Santa. The enemy is us. 

  11. Duane Oyen
    BTConservative: Great article  - he makes so many great points.  Here are two more:


    At the moment, conservatives seem to be in love with Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, and a few others. Don’t worry. Let one of them be nominated, and his name will be mud. He won’t be able to do anything right. And if he loses the general — worse than mud. · 1 hour ago

    And, note, there is nothing wrong with those listed gentlemen- all good potential candidates.  The key is that they will be reamed out as troglodytic proto-Mussolinis in the exact same way as Romney was.  For the exact same reasons.

  12. concerned citizen

    As usual, Jay nails it.  Nails it!  It’s a continuation of his “Bitterfest” theme from right after the election, but I’m all on board with being bitter.   I’m looking forward to the podcast.

    Many excellent points in this Impromptus.  Here’s another quote I liked, after Jay notes how people are claiming that Romney failed to address the needs of the “middle class”, even though I too remember him talking about them all the time:

    “So, what did Romney offer the “middle class”? I’ll tell you what: He offered to avert financial collapse. To do something about the debt and the deficit. To reform entitlements. To reform the tax code. To foster the conditions in which economic growth occurs. To help put people back to work. To save the frickin’ country.

    That’s not program enough for the “middle class”? What does he have to do, enter each of their homes and bake them muffins? Swab their floors?”

    Preach it, Jay!

    Now how do we get this point of view out there, beyond the Ricochet/NRO/Brietbart/PJMedia/Powerline bubble?

  13. Franco

    I think Romney put together a pedestrian team of the regular GOP political operatives and bland speechwriters who played the inside-the-box game. These crew-cut glad-handers and MBA dweebs schooled in outdated management techniques and Rovian, Fox News style talking points offered no new approaches in style or substance to existential problems, and no push-back against the meta-narratives of left-wing propaganda machine. We knew how much better his policies were in comparison to Obama’s but Romney never took the gloves off to prove, on a visceral level, how damaging Obama’s policies were to America. There was no sense of outrage -and I don’t mean Romney should have displayed anger, but the nice-guy act didn’t show he really cared. 

    This wing of the GOP thinks that the Democrat media-complex are merely somewhat biased reporters who generally mean well, and they think if they run to Fox News to tell their story, it all balances out.

    I agree that Romney is a more electable persona than Newt Gingrich, at least at first glance, but Romney and his team never understood,as Gingrich and others did what was happening.

  14. Franco

    If he was so great, why didn’t he win? What went wrong? Maybe he was too nice? Maybe he didn’t pay attention to certain things. Maybe he didn’t run a flawless campaign. 

    Here is what he had going for him:

    He was a successful businessman with a proven track record.

    He had a perfect family life and not a hint of scandal

    He had plenty of money.

    He was clearly qualified in every way for the job

    His opponent had an under 50% approval rating was presiding over a failing economy and high unemployment, whose VP was Joe Biden, and who broke almost every pledge and promise he made to everyone in his 4 years.

    What happened?

    I have my own theories, but I’m interested in hearing from the people who think he was so great. Are conservatives somehow to blame?  Is this the unspoken agreement here? Just wondering….

  15. Franco

    There is a certain element of cluelessness that elites like Romney have. They have a certain innocence that scares people. I know Romney has a great character and didn’t inherit his wealth, but as someone who was four-square on his side once he got the nomination, I never saw any elements of his being someone who wouldn’t employ top-down management fixes to each and every problem, and I think this is why people say he never jibed with the middle-class.

    He would have done a good job as president, but people saw him, rightly I think, as the guy who fixed companies from the boardroom, from a place so far removed from the troubles that they, the workers  must overcome. This happens time and again in corporate America and we all see how utterly ridiculous some of these corporations can be. Now of course Romney isn’t going to turnaround a company by  putting a day in on the assembly line, but doing things like this inform a person to realities they would not have known before, and they give people confidence that the right decisions are being made.

  16. Xennady

    I’ve noticed that when various enterprises begin to blame their customers for the company’s poor performance that is always a good indicator to short the stock. 

    Well said.

    This seems to be a constant refrain of the GOP lately. It isn’t that the party hasn’t made their case or has bad candidates- it’s that the public has changed. Now, Mitt Romney was just too good for this country full of losers. We just didn’t deserve his greatness.

    Nope. I won’t criticize him as a man or a citizen but as a politician he failed. He didn’t even bring up the Benghazi fiasco during the foreign policy debate, for example.

    I just can’t see Romney being the guy who would have turned it all around if he’d been elected.

     He would been rolled, again and again, just like Bush- because he was unable or unwilling to tell the harsh truths about his opponents. 

    Not good enough. Leftists continuously shriek that Republicans are evil. Republicans gently claim Obama is a nice guy in over his head.

    This strategy simply hasn’t worked for the GOP. Romney never figured this out. Alas.

  17. Paul Dougherty

    One message:

     We face troubled times. It will be tight, but we can do it if we all coalesce and pull in one direction. It will require belt tightening, self discipline, contributions from all quarters. Help me and I will lead us to a better, brighter and more secure future for our children. 

     Second message:

      You work hard. You deserve a better future. The money is there if the wealthy are made to pay their fair share.  They want to take from you your rights for self determination (abortion), your ability to provide health care for your children (ACA), your ability to live comfortably in retirement (Social Security). THEY want to take that from you. WE will provide that to you.

    Which one won?

  18. Scott R
    Franco: If he was so great, why didn’t he win? What went wrong?


    50+% of America went wrong is Jay’s point, I think.

    Still, Jay’s partner Mona has the best answer: Romney didn’t undo the misconception that a vote for him was a vote for “the policies that got us into this mess” — that is, the 2008 financial crash. 

    “What got us into that mess” was a bipartisan failure in housing and banking policy and had nothing to do with the issues debated in the election — taxes, entitlements, energy, etc.

    Romney never spelled that out, and so America went on thinking the Romney/Ryan agenda had already been tried and led to disaster – the Big Lie skillfully reinforced by Clinton at the DNC. 

  19. Pseudodionysius

    Romney never spelled that out, and so America went on thinking the Romney/Ryan agenda had already been tried and led to disaster — the Big Lie skillfully reinforced by Clinton at the DNC. 

    Exactly right, my friend.

  20. Western Chauvinist

    I don’t know how I do it. I read these comments, and I agree with everyone! 

    I must be a Republican.

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