Where Do You Give?

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Here on the center-right, we believe that the best and most interesting stuff in life happens without government. Every day people marry, raise families, work, start businesses, trade, and support their communities with neither help nor inducement from the state (though often with its hindrance). Though I argue that we don’t give the for-profit sector nearly enough credit for making our world as prosperous, happy, and moral as it is*, private charities can fill in the gaps where markets aren’t functioning properly.

So, to whom to you give and why?

My charity of choice for the last few years has been Cure International. Cure is a Christian medical charity that builds hospitals in some of the worst places on Earth, and focuses on relatively simple and inexpensive corrective surgeries such as clubfoot and cleft palates. It’s the sort of thing we take for granted in the West but that makes a tremendous difference in the developing world. They also have a very respectable rating from Charity Navigator.

I first heard about Cure through Dennis Prager — who runs an annual fundraiser for them — and you may recall that three of their doctors were murdered in Afghanistan earlier this year by a member of their security detail. It’s brave, useful, and wonderful work that helps people directly and represents our values abroad very well.

What other organizations deserve our money? And please, no ice buckets.

* Subject of a forthcoming post!