From the Front Lines of Uncommon Knowledge

The Blue Yeti sends along this dispatch from the trenches, where our own Peter Robinson is sitting down with Rupert Murdoch. You create the caption.

  1. Jimmy Carter

    “One last question: Would You be interested in a practically brand new P90X?”

  2. Dave Carter

    “Nope.  You already asked the last question.”  

  3. Nathaniel Wright

    “I’ve just finished grading your Midterm Blue Book Mr. Murdoch…and I’m pretty disappointed.”

  4. EJHill

    “About that exclusivity in my consulting contract…”

  5. Misthiocracy

    “I changed the password on my voice mail, so don’t even think about it!”

  6. Shane McGuire

    “We’ll begin in just a moment Mr. Murdoch. Piers’ll be in here in a couple seconds.”

  7. tabula rasa

    Peter:       “Let’s talk about phone-hacking in Britain.”

    Rupert:  “No, let’s talk about me kicking your rear-end around the room.”

  8. Pseudodionysius

    “But, Mr. Murdoch, many of our midwestern Ricochet readers think a Fox is a varmint.”

    “No, Peter, a Fox is a carnivore.”

  9. Lance K. Drumheller

    “First man to drink ends his career.”

  10. Aaron Miller

    “Now, about this comedy news program of Rob’s, ‘Briefing From the Bar”. Are you sure won’t reconsider? No openings after midnight? No, I understand. It’s just that Rob said I could play the straight man…”

  11. Pseudodionysius

    “Tastes great.”

    “Less filling.”

  12. Lance K. Drumheller

    Peter: “Last question: how does one accumulate 400,000 twitter followers?”

    Rupert: “Well, Peter, first you have to start an account.”

  13. jkumpire

    “Yes Mr. Robinson that is the ‘Dome Polishing Machine” I took a patent out on last week. I need a new investor for the machine to take it to market after closing down ‘News of the World’ last year.”  

  14. Whiskey Sam

    “Do you like movies about gladiators?”

  15. Pseudodionysius

    “Mr. Murdoch, as you know, Ricochet membership is bitterly divided along two historic fault lines and everyone — including me — wants to know with which group you ally yourself. Ricochet wants to know:

    Ginger or Mary Ann?”

  16. Dave Carter

    “No, I’m not kidding. And don’t call me Shirley.”  

  17. Pseudodionysius



  18. Shane McGuire

    “How did the Wall Street Journal convince more people to pay for reading its online content? Did you all peg the price to any particular beverages?”

  19. EThompson

    “Why isn’t Kimberly Strassel sitting at the table?”

  20. Duane Oyen

    Why is it that the subscription TV business, such as DirecTV and all cable providers, is so greedy that they still insist on coercive packages instead of offering a la carte channels?  Do they realize that they are driving away the next generation of customers, or are you all simply as dumb as the newspapers, music album producers, and publishers have been in clinging to their archaic models?

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